Biology Major Advisement

Typical Degree Progression for B.S. in Biology

Year 1

  • BIO201/202 General Biology I & II,
  • CHM205/206 General Chemistry I & II,
  • Completion of math classes which may include MTH111 College Algebra and/or MTH122 Precalculus
  • General Education courses must include GEP100 Academic Planning Seminar and ENG110 College Composition

Important: Progression to Year 2 coursework (BIO301 and BIO302) requires successful completion of BIO201 & BIO202 with a C grade or better, plus CHM205 and CHM206.

Year 2

  • BIO301 Cellular Biochemistry (spring)
  • BIO302 Genetics (fall)
  • CHM305 Organic Chemistry I (fall)
  • CHM313 Quantitative Chemical Analysis or CHM306 Organic Chemistry II (spring)
  • MTH243 Statistics or MTH201 Calculus I
  • Other General Education Courses

Years 3 & 4:

Students must take 20 credits of 300-400 level Biology coursework. At most, 8 credits can be from 300-level electives and two 400-level laboratory courses are required. PHS205/210 Intro Physics I (fall) & II (spring) is typically taken at this time, and BIO498 Senior Seminar.

Post Baccalaureate Program Planning

For students taking standardized exams for post-baccalaureate programs (e.g. MCAT, PCAT, DAT, etc), it is important to get specialized advisement so that prerequisite courses are completed before the intended exam date.