Anthropology Invited Speakers Series

Sponsored by the Marjorie Helen Stewart Speaker series and the Anthropology Club

The Marjorie Helen Speaker series is named in honor of our former faculty member. The goal is to advance the reach of anthropological knowledge to our students, colleagues and the community.

Marjorie Stewart held a DPhil in anthropology from Oxford University and conducted fieldwork in Nigeria where she investigated the pre-colonial history and socio-political organization of the Borgu Kingdom. Her publications include Borgu and Its Kingdoms: A Reconstruction of a West Sudanese Polity (1993). At SUNY Brockport, Stewart taught courses on Africa, China, Anthropological Theory, Magic and Witchcraft, Gender, and Language and Culture. She served as chair of the department from 1994-1999.


But Some of Us are Brave: A Black Feminist’s Work in Bioarchaeology - Dr. Aja Lans

From the West Indies to West Africa: Place Making in the Black Republic of Liberia — Caree Banton and Matthew

Egyptian Mummies and Sacred Bird Cults — Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer

Homo naledi and the Rising Star Cave — Marina Elliott

Wasted: An Inquiry into the Management of the Human Excrement — Nick Kawa

Community-Based Approaches to Maternal Health - Mariel Rivera


The following lectures were given by faculty members at SUNY Brockport.

Funerary Dining or Offerings for the Dead? - Jennifer Ramsay