Our Anthropology degree covers three of the main areas of study that define Anthropology:


Archaeologists excavate sites to recover material culture or artifacts to help understand the past and its effect on the present. At Brockport, you’ll get a chance to travel to the dunes of Petra and uncover ancient artifacts or learn about the great exodus of Frost Town right here in upstate New York.

Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropologists study human biological evolution, variation in growth and development, and adaptation to past and present environments. In this area, you’ll be analyzing bones with hidden mysteries.

Cultural Anthropology

Step outside the box and see the world through someone else’s eyes. Cultural anthropologists observe, listen to, and work with people in communities to understand how groups mobilize culture, power, and history for different purposes.

Museum Studies

Working in a museum is a common career path for anthropology majors. We offer internship opportunities at a number of local museums, including the Morgan Manning House, located in the heart of Brockport.