Many of us are natural-born American citizens. Our citizenship is a birthright. As a result, we often do not think about how valued that citizenship can be.

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Each year, Brockport’s ADP celebrates Constitution Day (September 17) with an on-campus naturalization ceremony as new citizens take the oath of citizenship.

Our new citizens come from around the globe. Many have struggled to leave their native lands. Many have had to learn a new language and a new culture.

Join us as we turn the Seymour Union Ballroom into a federal courtroom for this moving swearing in ceremony. We promise that you will never take your citizenship for granted again!

Our Constitution Day Naturalization Ceremony:

Tuesday, September 17 at 2pm - 3:15pm

(As a matter of courtesy, please arrive at least five minutes before the ceremony begins, turn off your cell phone and plan to stay for the entire ceremony).

Local Contacts

  • Kimberly Piatt, ADP Co-Chair,
  • Dena Levy, ADP Co-Chair,