Flexible Coursework

Deepen your understanding of African history and its impact on today’s society. Complete your major with only four required core courses and eight electives of your choice. Our core courses draw on critical issues that continue to shape Black experiences today, such as institutional racism, and the aftermath of the abolition of slavery in 1865.

Double Majoring

Our flexible coursework makes it easy for students to select a second major that rounds out their education and better positions them to make a difference in their careers. Want to become a better activist? Double major in Sociology or Criminal Justice. Want to continue to tell the stories of Africans and African Americans? Double major in History or English. The opportunities are almost endless.

Travel to Ghana

Through an academic partnership with the University of Ghana at Legon, students can immerse themselves in that nation’s rich culture. The experience can range from lasting three weeks to a semester to a full year.