Temporary Academic Leave

A Temporary Academic Leave is defined by SUNY Brockport as an approved complete, temporary withdrawal from the University.

Are you thinking about taking a Temporary Academic Leave?

If your answer is, yes, please consider the following:

  • You will have a full semester of “W” grades on your transcript. What would this mean for your future academics? Other schools who would be reviewing your transcript?
  • How withdrawing from the semester could impact your financial aid?
  • If you are struggling in a couple classes, can you withdraw from a couple classes instead of all of them?
  • If you have circumstances beyond your control, you may request your instructor to assign you a grade of Incomplete and complete an Incomplete contract with your instructor. The decision to grant an Incomplete is solely the instructor’s and should be based on incomplete work, not failed exams or poor attendance.

Temporary Academic Leave Process

  1.  Contact the Academic Success Center at 585-395-2711 or visit the 1 st floor of the Albert W. Brown Building to meet with an advisor.
  2. Discuss the TAL process with an advisor, review the form and submit together.
  3. Connect with appropriate departments (i.e. financial aid, student accounts, etc.) to understand how the leave process will impact your status at SUNY Brockport:

         4. Complete the Temporary Academic Leave form with your advisor or ASC staff member. 

The purpose of the Temporary Academic Leave will allow students to interrupt enrollment at SUNY Brockport without having to apply for re-enrollment to the institution and without changing conditions or requirements of their academic program.

The Temporary Academic Leave form must be completed and submitted to the Academic Success Center prior to week 14 of the current semester. Any forms received after week 14 will be processed at the conclusion of the semester and grades will be assigned to the student.

All matriculated undergraduates will be granted a Temporary Academic Leave upon withdrawing except:

  • students who are in their first semester back after an academic dismissal, or
  • students who have been reinstated following a dismissal.

A Temporary Academic Leave is good for a maximum of three consecutive semesters. A Leave for part of a semester counts as one semester. Please be aware that students who earn no credits at Brockport for three consecutive semesters (by any combination of not enrolling, failing, or withdrawing) and are not registered in the fourth semester will be separated from the University, and will need to reapply through Admissions.

Note: These forms are for matriculated undergraduate students only. If you are a graduate student, contact the The Center for Graduate Studies. Non-matriculated students should contact Registration and Records.

When students are absent from classes exceeding one week for extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control, the student may notify the secretary in the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at (585) 395-2772. The administrative assistant will then notify the faculty members of the absence in writing. This notification is not an excuse nor does it obligate the faculty member in any way, nor does this relieve the student from his or her obligation to complete assignments.


Leaving Brockport or Withdrawing From All Courses Before Graduation and Returning Policy