Course Registration

First-Year & Transfer Students: tell us what you want to learn!

First-Year Students

Share your preferences for your first semester of classes by following the steps below:

Once your First-Year Advisement Form is filled out: 

  • You will receive a Math & English placement
  • Your advisor will begin making your first semester course schedule! It’s that easy. 

Transfer Students

For new transfer students and readmitted students (those accepted for readmission after an absence of one or more semesters from Brockport), you have the opportunity to choose and register for classes by working with your academic advisor.

Step 1: Receive your acceptance letter from Admissions

Shortly after you will receive information from Academic Advisement on paying your deposit and accessing other resources to aid in your transition to Brockport.

Step 2: Pay your deposit

Beginning October 1 for the Spring semester, and March 1 for the Fall semester, names of deposited students will be sent to respective academic departments. An advisor from your department will reach out to you via email. Be sure to check your personal and Brockport email for further instructions.

Step 3: Register according to the Registration Schedule

Once you have your list of classes and your advisement key number from the advisor. Your class standing is determined by the number of credits completed by the end of January.

Step 4: Refer to the Online Course Schedule

Find sections of the recommended classes that best suit your needs and build your schedule.