We are committed to complementing the recruitment of quality students who will persist with their academic, social, personal and career development.

Student success is our highest priority in achieving higher retention through excellent advisement services provided by an outstanding staff and

We are committed to creative endeavors and service that benefit the University community, our graduates and the greater society by supporting staff involvement in cutting edge advisement forums, governance activities and committee work.

Unit Overview

  • Coordinating the University’s faculty-based advisement system
  • Providing students with information and advice concerning academic policies and procedures
  • Evaluating transcripts from transfer institutions to determine and apply Brockport credit
  • Coordinating the Degree Works Audit System and Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)
  • Coordinating all advisement and registration programs for incoming freshman and new transfer students
  • Providing information and advice concerning academic eligibility for financial aid
  • Conducting the University’s probation and dismissal program


  • Provide complete & accurate transfer articulations to new transfers as early as possible.
  • Educate new transfer students and make them aware of transfer policies
  • Ensure that new students have an appropriate schedule for the 1st semester
  • Familiarize new transfers with the campus information system

Academic Quality & Engagement

  • Provide the best available advisement to all student populations
  • Cultivate relationships with area feeder institutions
  • Provide students their degree requirements based on a new potential major


Student Policies

Student Conduct