Recommended Courses in the First Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • SOC 100
  • SOC 210, SOC 220, SOC 230 or SOC 240


Recommeded Courses in the Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • SOC 200
  • One or more 300-level electives


Prerequisite Courses

  • SOC 100 is prerequisite for 300 and 400 level courses.
  • SOC 200 Social Statistics is a prerequisite for SOC 310 Methods of Sociological Research.
  • SOC 300 Sociological Theory and SOC 310 (Methods of Sociological Research) are both prerequisites for the capstone course (SOC 400 Capstone Career Seminar or SOC 410 Capstone Research Seminar)

Further Recommendations

Because the core courses—SOC 200, SOC 300 (Sociological Theory), and SOC 310 (Methods of Sociological Research)—are challenging and require a C or better for the major, we recommend that students not take both in the same semester. Also, because they are both prerequisites for the capstone, they should be completed by the end of the third year.

Students should also note that SOC 300 and SOC 310 are not regularly offered online or at night. Thus, students with major scheduling constraints should plan for one or more semesters in which they can take these core required courses in mid-day meetings.

Transfer students should take SOC 200 Social Statistics right away if they have not already taken an equivalent statistics course and they should try to take a 200-level Sociology elective in their first Brockport Semester.