Political Science

Required Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • PLS 111 International Relations
  • PLS 112 Comparative Politics
  • PLS 113 American Politics
  • PLS 203 Political Thought


Prerequisite Courses

  • PLS 111 and PLS 112 are prerequisites for PLS410 and 444.
  • PLS 112 is a prerequisite for PLS 447.
  • One introductory level statistics course (SOC 200 recommended) is a prerequisite for PLS 303 Political Research Methods.


Further Recommendations

The Political Science Department, through its internship programs and study abroad programs, offers a variety of semester-long experiential training. Among these are the Rochester Legal and Local Government Internships, the Albany and Washington Semester Programs. Political Science faculty lead international student trips to, among other places, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Morocco, and Ghana. Moreover, the department continues to support the European Union Simulation founded by Brockport Political Science faculty. Our students join with over 200 European and American students to participate in this international simulation, which alternates between the United States and various European sites.

Students interested in applying for these programs should meet with their advisor early in their academic career (sophomore year is advisable), so that they may plan ahead to take advantage of experiential learning and still meet political science course and distribution requirements as well as the general education university-wide requirements.