International Studies

Required Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • PLS 111 International Relations*
  • PLS 112 Comparative Politics*


Required Courses in the Sophomore Year

First or Second Semester
Any upper division INS courses or courses offered by other departments that count towards the INS degree (there are over 50 such course). Consult your advisor for appropriate courses.


Prerequisite Courses

  • PLS 111 and PLS 112 are prerequisites for PLS410 and 444.
  • PLS 112 is a prerequisite for PLS 447.

Experience Abroad (3 credits)

INS majors are required to spend time abroad during their studies at SUNY Brockport. Acceptable experiences include study abroad, Eurosim participation faculty-supervised trips, international internships, or other overseas activities carrying at least three course credits. Upon returning, students will submit a brief report to the Director of International Studies detailing their experience.

Foreign Language

Majors are required to demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level in a language other than English (LOTE) by successfully completing a 212-level class. Students must receive a minimum grade of C in this class 212-level class. Brockport currently offers French and Spanish at the intermediate (212) level. Please note that students without prior language experience may need to complete FRN or SPN 111, 112, and 211 in order to qualify for FRN or SPN 212. Exemptions may be granted for students who can demonstrate that they have completed secondary education abroad in a foreign language. Similarly, students who have studied a LOTE independently may be eligible to test out of the requirement, but must consult with their advisor and the coordinator of the international studies program.