Recommended Courses in the Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • HST 201 The Ancient World
  • HST 202 The Modern World
  • HST 211 Early America
  • HST 212 Modern America
  • A three-hundred level elective, global survey, or area study from the lists below


Co-requisite Courses

Does not apply to history major unless a student intends to become certified as a teacher. (See certification requirements listed under Education and Human Development for Childhood Inclusive Education and Checklist for History with Adolescent Social Studies Certification that follows below).


Auxiliary Courses

The history major only requires 36 credits to complete and thus provides students an opportunity to augment their degree with courses and programs appropriate to their career goals. The Department of History strongly recommends that students who are not pursuing Education certification add a minor(s) and/ or second major. Liberal Arts and professional courses that will add to students’ skill sets are also recommended. These might include courses in statistics, logic, business, museum studies, computer science or foreign languages. Students interested in professional graduate education will especially benefit from foreign language training.


Grade Requirement

This major/program requires a grade of “C” or above in all major courses. “C-” grades and below are NOT acceptable and require repeats unless otherwise specified.


The History Major

The major consists of at least 36 credits in History courses, 18 of which must be at the upper division (300-400) level and taken at Brockport. No more than 54 History credits will be counted toward the 120 credits required for graduation. Students entering the University as transfers with junior status may be exempted from HST 201 and/or 202 (formerly 101 and 102) if they have taken and earned a “C” or better in Western Civilization course(s) at another institution.


This course of study applies to students pursuing a History major without teacher certification OR with Elementary Teacher certification NOT those pursuing Adolescence Social Studies Teacher certification.


Students who wish to teach Middle or High School Social Studies should follow the History Major for Students Pursuing Adolescent Social Studies Teaching Certification below if they entered SUNY Brockport prior to Fall 2021. Students who started at SUNY Brockport Fall 2021 or later, should see the Social Studies Adolescence Education or Social Studies Adolescence Inclusive Education majors.


A. Core Seminars
1. World history—6 credits

HST 201 - Ancient World History* (formerly 101)

HST 202 - Modern World* (formerly 102)

2. US History—6 credits

HST 211 Early America*

HST 212 Modern America*

3. Research Methods - 3 credits

(Prerequisite: 3 of the survey courses above)

HST 390

4. Research Intensive Capstone - 3 credits

(Prerequisite: HST 390)

HST 4xx

B. Global Surveys - 6 credits

1. European History—3 credit hours
(Select One)

HST 221 Modern Europe (no longer taught)
HST 335 The Roman Empire
HST 336 Medieval Europe
HST 337 Early Modern Europe

HST 343 History of the Soviet Union
HST 346 Renaissance & Reformation
HST 347 Europe’s Long 19th Century
HST 349 Europe in the 20th Century
HST 359 European Women

2. African, Asian, Latin American or
Middle Eastern History—3 credit hours
(Select One)

HST 321 Modern Africa
HST 341 Middle East Crisis
HST 360 Of Silk and Swords: Great Eurasian Empires
HST 361 Samurai to Godzilla
HST 363 Islam
HST 365 Medieval Islam
HST 375 Born in Blood and Fire
HST 376 Modern Latin America
HST 385 Asian Civilizations to 1600
HST 386 Opium to Hiroshima
HST 434 Modern Caribbean
HST 438 Latin American Women/Gender
HST 462 US Asian Relations
HST 467 South Asia
HST 487 Asian Survey
AAS 320 Precolonial Africa
C. Electives: 12 credit hours

Four HST Courses
(at least 1 must be at the 4xx level; 2 more must be 300 or 400 level,

and one may be at the 2xx, 3xx, or 4xx level)

1. HST2xx-4xx
2. HST3xx-4xx
3. HST3xx-4xx

4. HST4xx

*Students may apply to substitute one of the required 200-level seminars with a 100-level survey as follows: HST 110 Survey in American History I (Can replace HST 211); HST 120 Survey in American History II (Can replace HST 212); HST 130 World History Survey I (Can replace HST 201); HST 140 World History Survey II (Can replace HST 202). Students wishing to do so should see their advisor.