For advisement purposes, freshmen are typically advised to take 200 level ACC or ECN courses apart from general education courses and introductory math courses. In addition, Finance majors should complete CIS 217 Fundamentals of Business Computing at their earliest opportunity. If you are advising sophomores, juniors and/or seniors considering Finance as a major, please refer them to the School of Business and Management, Center for Student Success for current program information.

Math Requirements

MTH 111: College Algebra Prerequisite for ACC 281, ECN 201, MTH 221, MTH 244
MTH 221: Business Calculus Meets business foundation requirements

MTH 244: Business Statistics

Prerequisite for ECN 304: Intermediate Statistics


Recommended in the Freshmen Year

  • ACC 281 Introduction to Financial Accounting (MTH 111)
  • ACC 282 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (ACC 281)
  • ECN 201: Principles of Microeconomics (MTH 111)
  • ECN 202: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • CIS 217: Fundamentals of Business Computing
  • General Education Courses

Recommended Courses in the Sophomore Year

  • MTH 221: Business Calculus (MTH 111)
  • MTH 244: Business Statistics (MTH 111)
  • ENG 302: Business Writing
  • BUS 335: Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 345: International Business & Environment
  • BUS 366: Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 375: Business Law
  • General Education Courses


Foundation Courses

To be eligible to declare the major in Finance, a student must successfully complete, with a minimum average of 2.50 and a grade of “C-“ or better for each of the following seven courses: CIS 217, ECN 201, ECN 202, MTH 244 or equivalent, ACC 281, ACC 282 and MTH 201 or MTH 221.