An on-campus or video audition is required for entrance into the dance major and minor. Application forms are available online here. On-campus auditions are held in October, February and March/April and video auditions are accepted throughout the year.


Many dance courses (i.e., Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Irish, African, Movement and Self Awareness, Introduction to Dance) are open to students in all majors – no audition is required for these courses.


The following is a recommended sequence for two years of Dance major or minor requirements and may be augmented with dance electives and/or a dance breadth component course.


Recommended BA/BS and BFA Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • DNS 204 Experimental Anatomy and Dance Conditioning (fall only)
  • DNS 205 Modern Dance I (fall only)
  • DNS 253 Beginning Ballet or
  • DNS 353 Intermediate Ballet or
  • DNS 232 African Dance
  • DNS 208 Dance Production Practicum
  • DNS 245 Modern Dance II (spring only)
  • DNS 253 Beginning Ballet (optional)
  • DNS 364 Dance Improvisation (spring only)
  • DNS 454 Other technique/dance style class (optional)


Recommended BA/BS and BFA Courses in the Sophomore Year

First or Second Semester
  • DNS 206 20th & 21st Century Dance
  • DNS 207 Dance Production (required for BFA program)
  • DNS 345 Modern Dance III
  • DNS 306 Beginning Dance Composition (fall only)
  • DNS 305 Kinesiology for Dancers (fall only)
  • DNS 375 Movement Analysis (spring only)
  • DNS 424 Repertory I –OR- DNS 488 Sankofa Dance Performance Lab
  • DNS 430 Intermediate Composition (spring only)
  • MUS 300 Music for Dance (spring only) or DNS 232 African Music and Drumming for Dance


Please Note:

All Dance majors should be advised by Dance faculty in their first year. It is possible to audition and be accepted into the major/minor after the first year. For further information about requirements for the 35-credit dance major and the 85-credit BFA degree, please contact the Department of Dance, 141 Hartwell Hall, (585) 395-2153; check the departmental website at or refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.


Grade Requirement

This major/program requires a grade of “C” or above in all courses used to fulfill major requirements. Courses with C- grades CANNOT be applied and must be repeated.