Computer Science

Tracks: Software Development (SD), Advanced Computing (AC)

The computer science courses recommended here are required in the Software Development (SD) track of the computer science major. Those interested in the Advanced Computing (AC) track should also complete the courses shown in parentheses. For more information, contact the Department of Computing Sciences. The Advanced Computing (AC) track of the Computer Science major is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of the ABET.


Required Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • CSC 120 Intro to Computing
  • MTH 122 Precaluculus
  • CIS 117 Introduction to Web Development
  • CSC 203 Problem Solving with Objects
  • MTH 281 Discrete Mathematics I

Required Courses in the Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • CSC 205 Fund. of Data Structures
  • CSC 209 UNIX Tools
  • MTH 201 Calculus I
  • (Science 1-such as PHS 235, CHM 205, BIO 201, ENV 202, ESC 211)
  • CSC 219 Programming in C
  • CSC 311 Computer Organization and Architecture
  • MTH 481 Discrete Math II
  • (Science 2-such as PHS 240, CHM 206, BIO 202, ENV 303, ESC 311)


CSC 120 Prerequisite for CSC 203
CSC 203 Prerequisite for CSC 205, CSC 209, and CSC 311
CSC 205 Prerequisite for CIS 419, CIS 422, CSC 401, CSC 406, CSC 414 and CSC 486
CSC 209 Prerequisite for CIS 419, CSC 312 and CSC 414
CSC 219 Prerequisite for CSC 401 and CSC 414
CSC 311 Prerequisite for CIS 419, CSC 312, CSC 401, CSC 411 and CSC 414
MTH 122 Prerequisite for MTH 281, CSC 203
MTH 281 Prerequisite for CSC 205, CSC 311, and MTH 481
MTH 481 Prerequisite for CSC 406

Grade Requirement

This major/program requires a grade of “C” or above in the following courses. “C-” or lower grades are NOT acceptable and require repeats unless otherwise specified.

  • CSC 203
  • CSC 205
  • CSC 209
  • CSC 219
  • CSC 311
  • CSC312
  • CIS117

Recurring Problems

Students with weak mathematical background are advised to improve their mathematical skills by taking appropriate mathematics courses before they register for CSC 203. CSC 203, the first course in the computer science major, is a demanding one and about 10 hours of programming will be required each week. In general, students who have completed the equivalent of CSC 203, 205, and 311 prior to transferring to Brockport can complete the major requirements (in AC and SD tracks) in four semesters. Intensive advisement is required in all cases of transfer students.

Students should avoid taking more than two courses per semester which require extensive programming.


Policy on Credit For High School Advanced Placement Examinations

Students who take the high school Advanced Placement (AP) examination in computer science are eligible for credit for Brockport computer science courses as follows:

Exam Version Score of 1 or 2 Score of 3 Score of 4 or 5
A None CSC 120 CSC 203