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First-Gen Mentor Network

Brockport’s First-Gen Mentor Network creates an opportunity for you to connect with individuals who understand the unique experiences of first-generation university students.

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BeFirst@Bport Resources

Our campus resources can provide you with important tools to succeed and earn your degree. We encourage you to utilize these resources throughout your academic career at Brockport.

Campus Lingo

Learn the terminologies, acronyms, and locations that are commonly used across campus.

Student Testimonials

Hear from our campus community members who were the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree and what it means to be a a first generation student.

As a first-generation university student at SUNY Brockport, you are joining a diverse community with many students, faculty, and staff who were the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree. This is an exciting time for you and your family, and you should be proud of your accomplishments! We understand that this new experience may come with moments of uncertainty and numerous questions.

BeFirst@Bport provides support, resources, and opportunities to ease your transition to Brockport. We encourage you to take advantage of these valuable tools, including our First-Gen Mentor Network, throughout your academic career. Whether you are preparing for your first semester, applying for an exciting internship, or getting ready to walk the stage at commencement, we are proud to be part of your journey as you BeFirst@Bport!