Program Evaluation/Assessment

The chair supervises and coordinates the development, revision, and evaluation of courses and programs for the academic year and the summer program. To guide this endeavor in the interests of continuous improvement, the chair engages the department in program assessment, ensuring that the department maintains a set of meaningful, assessable student learning outcomes, developed in consultation with departmental faculty, that these outcomes are being properly assessed, and that appropriate actions (“closing the loop”), based on assessment results (data) are carried out and documented. A yearly assessment report is required from all academic departments. Departmental assessment goals for each academic year and filing of assessment reports are coordinated with the Office of Assessment and Accountability and with the School Dean.

Periodic Program Review

The College maintains a cyclic in-depth review of all departments/programs called Periodic Program Review (PPR). The PPR is scheduled by the Office of Assessment and Accountability in consultation with the School Deans. Chairs are responsible for seeing that the PPR is completed on schedule. There is a manual to assist department chairs in carrying out the PPR process. External reviewers are required to perform an outside evaluation of the unit based on their reading of the PPR Self-study and a visit to campus. External review is funded through the Office of Assessment and Accountability’s accreditation account. This funding provides for travel and an honorarium for the reviewers and some departmental costs of the external review. External reviewers are suggested by the department for approval by the School Dean. A written report is expected from the external reviewers within a month of their visit to campus. Reviewers are paid the honorarium upon receipt of their report. The PPR process culminates in a Joint Action Plan approved by the department, Dean, and Provost. The chair and dean present the Joint Action Plan to the Deans Council for discussion before approval by the Provost. Information and PPR forms can be accessed at


Several departments and programs are nationally accredited. The chair is responsible for ensuring all reports, data, and assessments required to maintain accreditation are well-managed. This includes annual reports, semester-based assessments, and periodic site visits.