List of Useful References

  1. SUNY Brockport Faculty/Staff Handbook
    This is the most complete compendium of Polices passed by the Faculty/Staff Senate and College Administration.

  2. Faculty Guide to Academic Practices and Policies at Brockport
    Saves considerable search time by condensing, and translating into common English, the several hundred pages of the Faculty/Staff Handbook into a brief guide regarding the information you are most likely to need in your everyday academic activities. It can be found at

  3. Student Policies
    Written primarily for students, this document is extremely useful for faculty as well. It provides rules regarding attendance, rules of conduct, academic regulations, etc. It also describes procedures for dealing with grade appeals, academic dishonesty, disruptive students, and so forth. It can be found at

  4. State of New York Polices of the Board of Trustees
    Describes SUNY-wide policies regarding roles and responsibilities of department chairs and other College administrators, issues related to appointment, leaves, retirement, evaluation and promotion, etc. It can be found at

  5. The Center For Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)
    Located in 100B Edwards Hall, this facility may be a resource for other publications related to the concerns of a department chair (

  6. Lucas, A. F. (2000), Leading Academic Change: Essential Roles for Department Chairs. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
    This book served as the main reference work for a recent “Leadership Development Retreat” held for academic chairs at Brockport. It focuses on the “team” approach to department leadership.