Academic Strategic Plan

Academic Affairs Strategic Plan, 2023-2028


Plan Introduction

In 2022, an Academic Strategic Plan was produced that was the culmination of years of work on developing a review of the University’s program array. It represented the complex, consistent work, and thoughts of hundreds of colleagues at SUNY Brockport that began in 2015. The 2022 plan concentrated on undergraduate and graduate programs. The plan represented the culmination of work from previous years that began to be focused in 2020 with the design of an “Academic Master Plan” and was refocused into an “Academic Strategic Plan” in July 2021. Last year’s plan provided a critical curricular review of undergraduate and graduate programs and focused primarily on the evaluation and classification of undergraduate and graduate programs into four categories: Growth, Augmentation, Reconfiguration and Discontinuation.

Plan Goals

Goal 1

Provide high quality academic programs that foster intellectual growth and creative expression in an inclusive and welcoming environment.


Goal 2

Increase community engagement within the curriculum to support the needs of our students, Brockport, Greater Rochester and beyond.


Goal 3

Produce graduates prepared for success in a modern society.


Goal 4

Create a diverse, inclusive, and supportive working environment that fosters faculty and staff success.