Standing Charge

This subcommittee will discuss, research, and strategize for possible implementation of the following:

  • Best practices for landlord programs in college communities
  • Enlisting the involvement of local landlords
  • Online listing of rental properties with current C of O’s
  • Safety of off-campus student housing
  • Handling student concerns about rental properties
  • Formation of Neighborhood Associations in mixed-residency neighborhoods

Activities & successes from last year:

  1. Food Insecurities SUNY Survey sent to all Brockport students
    • Potential on-campus food pantry
    • Food Insecurity strategy meeting will take place this summer.
  2. “Change Your Battery” drive in March
    • Students were encouraged to change the batteries in their smoke and CO detectors.
    • Free batteries were handed out at the Off-Campus and Commuter Desk in the Union.
  3. Two Off-Campus and Commuter Resource Fairs
    • Sixteen vendors and more than 300 students attended.
    • Good Neighbor and Renters Rights information was distributed.
  4. Eagle Eats in May on the corner of Utica and Monroe from 10 pm to midnight
    • More than 200 students attended, and food ran out by 11:30.
    • Funded by the OASIS grant
  5. Welcome Back Picnic during Welcome Week
    • More than 50 students attended

AY 2020-2021 Annual Report


  1. The ability of this subcommittee to take on its usual scope of activities continued to be hampered by COVID-related restrictions, but we are hopeful to resume normal function in the coming academic year.
  2. This subcommittee worked in collaboration with a committee on Student Basic Needs (SBN) to address the issue of food insecurity discussed at the December 2020 meeting. Immediate plans include a focus on establishing an on-campus food and resource pantry. The SBN Committee, in conjunction with a group of senior social work students, explored areas of need and feasibility for action. This project culminated with a tentative proposal with potential for forward momentum. It is the hope of this subcommittee that establishment of this on-campus resource might be implemented during this academic year.
  3. We intend to further explore the establishment of a neighborhood association.
  4. Participation in this subcommittee has been limited; we will seek to add additional interdisciplinary members from across the University and the Brockport community.