President’s Statement & Title IX at Brockport

President’s Statement

“SUNY Brockport rejects sexual violence and gender-based discrimination in all forms. Our commitment to establishing and maintaining a climate free of discrimination and violence is guided by foundational principles of integrity, civility, respect, and justice. The University recognizes that sexual violence and gender-based discrimination impact us as a community and has made it a priority to promote an environment free of this behavior through policies, programs, partnerships, and trainings. The Offices of Title IX, University Police, Student Conduct, Health Promotion and Prevention Education, and Human Resources are all tasked with working together to respond to, prevent, and reduce sexual violence and gender-based discrimination. These offices cannot do this work alone; our campus community must work together to promote change. While no one has to do everything, everyone has to do something.”

Title IX & SUNY Brockport

The Title IX Coordinator ensures that the process for addressing complaints of sex-based harassment and misconduct, relationship violence and stalking are handled promptly and equitably, with fairness to those involved. The Title IX Coordinator is not an advocate and does not adjudicate complaints.

The Title IX Coordinator is the University’s expert on Title IX law, the Campus SaVE Act, and New York State Education Law 129-B (“Enough is Enough”), as well as campus policies and procedures on sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking. The Title IX Coordinator’s role is to explain students’ rights, the Title IX Grievance Policy, Code of Student Conduct process, connect students to resources (support), and ensure students are not being retaliated against for having made a report of sex discrimination, relationship violence or stalking. If a faculty or staff member is involved, the Title IX Coordinator will work with SUNY Brockport’s Affirmative Action Officer to follow the complaint process involving employees.

The Title IX Coordinator also helps develop sexual discrimination and sexual violence prevention initiatives, including trainings for students, faculty, and staff.