Seven Tips to Help Sustainability Efforts

1. Recycle!

Refer to the list below of common recyclable items:

  • Organic materials
  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminum cans and scrap metals
  • Paper
  • Old electronics
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Furniture

2. Use Alternative Transportation

  • Public Transportation: SUNY Brockport offers the Eagle bus shuttle to offer alternative transport to personal motor vehicles.
  • You can rent a Zipcar or bicycle for free from the University’s Parking and Transportation Office

3. Avoid Single-use Plastic

  • Use refillable drinking containers rather than plastic beverages
  • Avoid purchasing items with
    heavy packaging
  • Use non-disposable dishes and cutlery
  • Use items made of wood or metal rather than plastics
  • Pack a zero waste knapsack (reusable cutlery, refillable bottle, and small container)
  • Use a mason jar with a lid rather than red plastic cups when you go to events
  • Buy your favorite snacks or foods in bulk

4. Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

  • Use recycled cardboard boxes rather than buying plastic bins
  • Borrow items you don’t often use
  • Instead of filling up your dorm room with unnecessary items and decor, go minimal. This makes moving at the end of the year much easier and helps reduce waste going to the landfill

5. Utilize Second-hand Stores

  • Buy from and donate items to secondhand stores (Goodwill and Smartypants are both located in Brockport)

6. Use Alternative (Non-Carbon Producing) Forms of Energy

  • You can power up your phone and have a conversation with a friend at the same time using solar-powered outlets outside the Seymour Union
  • The University has solar panels on the roof of two of its buildings

7. Go Green When Moving & Packing

  • Rather than using bubble wrap, wrap delicate items in bedding or clothing
  • When sealing boxes, use paper tape instead of plastic tape
  • Instead of buying big plastic containers or new cardboard boxes, visit local stores to see if you can use their old boxes