Computer/Electronic Recycling Procedure

Recycling Electronics

Definition of Electronic Waste

All monitors (including televisions), computers, keyboards, cell phones, copiers, and other electronic equipment (see Acceptable E-Waste list below) must be considered a hazardous waste material due to the content of lead, silver, cadmium, and other heavy metals used in their manufacture. They cannot be disposed of as regular trash and must be disposed of in accordance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) rules contained in 6NYCRR 371.1, The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, impacts all electronic waste, including your personal electronics from your home.

New York State’s Electronic Waste Recycling

For disposal of personally owned electronics, we suggest you contact SunnKing at 637-8365.

Acceptable Electronic Waste

SUNY Brockport has chosen to recycle and reuse computer/electronic equipment in cooperation with SunnKing, Inc., in a conscientious manner, providing maximum protection to the environment while maintaining compliance with New York State rules and regulations. Use the link below for a list of materials that are acceptable for recycling at SunnKing

SunnKing’s Acceptable Materials List

Surplus of Electronic Waste

All electronic equipment, whether working or not, may be handled as surplus equipment. Please view Property COntrol’s webpage for more information on this process. Once the proper form is completed and submitted, arrangements should be made to pick up your electronic equipment with IT Support Services Help Desk at 395-5151.

Surplus/Transfer Request Form

Disposal of Electronic Waste

When preparing computer/electronic equipment for recycling, care should be taken to assure that sensitive information is removed permanently from the computer, and that copyrighted software agreements are not violated. It is suggested that computer hard drives be reformatted to remove all files. Please contact IT Support Services Help Desk at 395-5151 with any questions regarding this process.

For disposal of your personally owned electronics, we suggest you contact SunnKing at 637-8365.

Legal Ramifications

If illegal disposal of computer/electronic waste is discovered, the Environmental Health and Safety Office will be notified and the Dean/Department Head (of the violator’s department) will be notified for appropriate action. If regulatory agencies become involved, the potential penalties (criminal and civil) for violating these regulations are substantial.