This strategic plan builds upon the longstanding achievements and goals of the College and sets a new direction that expands our reach further into our community. We span the urban and the rural, and we take pride in our ability to address and enhance both aspects of our local community. We are Rochester’s SUNY and Brockport’s SUNY, and we are more than this, too. As a College, we believe in a greater Brockport for a greater Rochester, and a greater Brockport for a greater world. We are of our community, not just in our community, and over the next five years, we will become recognized as a key resource for Monroe County and beyond.

SUNY Brockport has a small school feel, but offers big school opportunities for our students. As we tell the story of the successes of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni, we will connect and engage with non-profit organizations, business leaders, and educational institutions at all levels to assist our community and act as a resource for solutions and innovations. We recognize the remarkable range of expertise that lies within our boundaries, and we seek to expand outwards so as to share that expertise more widely.

We will align resources to our strategic planning priorities, and ask divisions, offices, and departments to articulate how their goals fit within the broader framework of Building a Better Brockport. We know that you are best placed within your units to decide how you fit into this framework, and we are confident that this plan will allow your area to focus on its strengths and opportunities.

What follows is a distillation of the work of the campus. It sets the direction for the future.

Heidi Macpherson
SUNY Brockport, February 2017