Building A Better Brockport

A Strategic Plan for the Future 2017-2022

Building A Better Brockport Final Draft Plan

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As SUNY Brockport undergoes strategic planning for 2017-2022, your insights, and those from other stakeholders, are vital to our work. We hope that you will use the information on this page as well as face-to-face meetings to stay informed about our process. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will help us shape the plan. While we know that your time is valuable, we encourage you to take part in this process as it will help us to shape the future of the institution.

Thank you for being part of the Brockport academic community and contributing to the life of our institution. Please stop back to this site regularly to see our updates.

Our Pillars

We have developed four pillars that sustain our new Strategic Plan: Community, Engagement, Excellence, and Transformation. We will be offering you an opportunity to give us feedback on these pillars as well as the information on our vision and values.


SUNY Brockport fosters a diverse and inclusive community of engaged scholars, professionals and citizens.

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SUNY Brockport is committed to engagement — faculty and staff engaging students; engagement of faculty and staff in their professions and service; and, engagement of faculty, staff, alumni and students in activities in their communities.

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Excellence is defined as all members of the Brockport community uniquely achieving their maximum potential and contribution in everything they do.

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Transformation signifies a process of deep and meaningful growth and change.

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Community Forums

In a university-wide town hall meeting held on December 8, 2016, President Macpherson and leaders of the four pillar committees presented updates to the community. President Macpherson reviewed the proposed mission, vision, and Brockport Promise, while pillar leaders briefly discussed their respective definition. Then, the President spoke about the Investment Fund for the Future. View the accompanied slideshow.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Feedback on the Draft Mission Statement ended on May 31, 2016. The sub-committee reviewed the feedback and revised the mission statement. Additionally, they have provided vision phrases for the community to review. Feedback is closed.

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Strategic Planning Committee

Each committee member is an ambassador for their area. Our student representative speaks to students about the progress we are making, the dean representative speaks with the academic affairs leadership team, the alumni rep works with our community links, etc. Learn more about committee work: