A great university at which to work has a healthy campus climate and a culture of excellence where its employees have pride, enjoy working, and have trust in the institution and each other.

Innovation, agility, resilience, and efficiency are the hallmarks of such a university, and trust is the prerequisite for its success. A great university at which to work is characterized by honesty, credibility, respect, fairness, pride, camaraderie, and an appreciation of equity, diversity, and inclusion as underpinning principles for all that we do.

A great university at which to work acknowledges that its faculty and staff are its most important assets. As a result:

  1. Faculty and staff are genuinely appreciated and rewarded for their efforts.
  2. Faculty and staff are provided with opportunities for skills and knowledge development on an ongoing basis.
  3. Leaders function more as mentors than managers, and leadership is practiced at all levels of the institution (including by individuals without management responsibilities).

Engagement in scholarship, professional development, certificate programs, and training demonstrates an investment in the growth and achievement of faculty and staff, who in turn provide a high quality environment for our students.

Promoting a culture of engagement across divisions, departments, and disciplines complements the University’s goals to build a more inclusive campus community. Faculty, staff, and students will work in partnership to advance goals related to inclusion, creating an environment where all members of our community are respected, valued, and included.

Measures of Success:

  1. Create, improve, and sustain activities that purposefully engage senior leaders with all stakeholders and organizational systems, ensuring that our leaders have the best opportunity to understand, mentor, communicate, and inform governance at SUNY Brockport.
  2. Campus Climate data will show continual improvement, and based on assessment results, resources will be dedicated to tackling long standing issues of equity and inclusion, particularly in relation to the recruitment of and institutional support for a diverse faculty and staff body. We will make demonstrated progress towards the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) goals outlined in the Strategic Plan for EDI.
  3. Continual review, assessment and improvement of faculty and staff recruitment, onboarding programs, including for temporary employees. These include, but are not limited to, new faculty workshops, new chair workshops, CELT workshops, and ongoing training to keep up with obligations and best practices.
  4. Achieve excellent and effective working relationships with shared governance and our organized labor to ensure a safe, fair, and inclusive campus, free from workplace bullying, and transparent in its introduction, revision and assessment of policies that impact our community.
  5. Retain and develop employees while providing an engaging work environment that is supportive of the University’s mission, goals and priorities.
  6. Develop appropriate methods and procedures to recognize and reward deserving employees.
  7. Demonstrate continual improvement based on institutional assessment and accreditation evidence.
  8. Achieve The Chronicle of Higher Education Recognition as a Great University to Work For or similar external measure.

Goal 4 Updates