Building a Better Brockport is the work of dedicated individuals across and beyond campus. The University intends for this to be a living document that guides our behavior and commitment over the next five years and beyond. It should be read in concert with the operational plan that references specific, institution-wide measures that will be tracked, reviewed and assessed.

Building a Better Brockport has its genesis in a series of Vision Cafes that were held in the fall of 2015. Led by our facilitators, these Vision Cafes asked our campus community to reflect on the previous strategic plan, the College of 2025 conversations, and our collective vision for the future. More than 200 people participated in these face-to-face discussions, with more than 100 also participating via an online survey. In relation to the aspects of the 2011-16 plan that still resonate, it was clear that the vast majority supported the principles of two of the four University priorities outlined there, namely

  • Engaged students and academic quality
  • Learning environment and quality of place

Building a Better Brockport takes this feedback into account and transforms these goals to fit with the changes that have taken place since 2011.

In February 2016, the Strategic Planning Committee commenced their thoughtful and dedicated work. By the end of the spring semester, it was clear that four areas of focus had emerged: community, engagement, excellence, and transformation. In September 2016, subcommittees were formed to focus on these areas, as well as to work on new Mission, Vision, and Values. Through online surveys, town hall meetings, community forums, and presentations, both on and off campus, all members of the campus community have had an opportunity to engage with, respond to, and offer ideas on specific areas. Outside of the work of the committees, there were more than 900 active participants in the process. The University is grateful to our colleagues, students, and community members for their advice, guidance, and enthusiasm.