Building A Better Brockport

The University’s Strategic Plan, 2022-27


Plan Introduction

SUNY Brockport provides an exemplary undergraduate and graduate public education, encompassing and valuing both the liberal arts and our professional programs. We aim to cultivate the skills and knowledge, critical inquiry, innovation, and resilience necessary to transform society. In doing so, we support our faculty and staff in their pursuit of excellence in teaching, scholarship, creative endeavors, service, academic support, and engagement in the University and beyond. We put student success at the heart of what we do, recognizing the need to be a student-ready University. We recognize the need to adapt and reflect, keeping the students, their needs, their experiences, and their outcomes at the center of our work.

The Goals of Building a Better Brockport

Goal 1

To be a Great University at which to Learn


Goal 2

To be a University Engaged with its Community


Goal 3

To be a Sustainable and Thriving University for the 21st Century


Goal 4

To be a Great University at which to Work


Plan Timeline 2017-2022 Strategic Plan Office of The President


SUNY Brockport is an inclusive learning community that inspires excellence through growth, engagement, and transformation.


Building meaningful lives and vibrant communities


Excellence • Community • Inclusion
Transformation • Engagement

The Brockport Promise

SUNY Brockport promises to engage our students each day in cultivating their capacity for intellectual, physical, and creative accomplishment.