Dear Brockport Community:


Welcome back to those of you who are returning from spring break. Over the course of the past week, the campus has received significant attention due to an event that is being organized by one of our faculty members. We know that some of you, and many in the community, have questions.

A webpage is being developed that will provide the answers to some frequently asked questions and will house all of the campus communications related to this event. When it is released, please take time to review it.

The safety and security of our students, faculty, staff, and guests is SUNY Brockport’s top priority. We are anticipating protests around this event and are actively engaged with key partners to develop a safety plan. More information about safety measures will be communicated to campus as it becomes available.

This event has elicited strong feelings and divergent opinions. It has raised First Amendment issues similar to those that have been raised at countless other institutions across the country. Respectful debate, critical thinking, and peaceful protest are encouraged. Violence, racism, hate, and censorship have no place in our community.

The eyes of a large number of people are on our campus. I urge you to take this as an opportunity to demonstrate the best that the SUNY Brockport community has to offer.

I am grateful for your continued commitment to our values.



President Macpherson