Leadership Guiding Principles

Equity, diversity and inclusion will be explicitly threaded throughout all of our decision-making and actions as leaders. As a Cabinet we will endeavor to:

  • Have the courage to tell the truth
  • Be encouraging, positive, and kind
  • Serve students, faculty and staff, and honor their successes, endeavors and activities
  • Be respectful, collegial and supportive while engaging in healthy dialogue with candor, integrity and discretion
  • Focus on the real issues, address issues at their root causes, and encourage solutions to be developed and implemented at the appropriate level
  • Take an institutional-wide view
  • Engage in mutual problem solving
  • Take informed risks and trust our colleagues as they do so as well
  • Know our action points and follow up/act on them in a timely, competent fashion
  • Communicate broadly and well
  • Be mindful of public perception and know that our work, at times, involves making difficult decisions
  • Celebrate our successes, large and small
  • Enjoy the work and understand what a privilege it is to lead

University Organizational Chart (PDF)