The College Council consists of nine members appointed by the Governor, serving staggered seven-year terms, and one student elected yearly by the student body.

Under general policies determined by the SUNY Board of Trustees, the College Council reviews all major plans of the University which are generally defined to include, among others, plans for appraisal or improvement of faculty and other personnel; expansion of institutional plants; and appraisal or improvement of student activities and housing.

Additionally, the College Council passes regulations governing the care, custody, and management of lands, grounds, buildings, and equipment; reviews budget requests; fosters the development of citizen advisory committees; names buildings; passes regulations governing the conduct and behavior of students; prescribes, submits and exercises supervision over student housing and safety; submits an annual report to the SUNY Board of Trustees; recommends to the Board of Trustees candidates for appointment as President of the University; and performs such other duties as may be authorized or required by the Board of Trustees.

Meeting Agendas Meeting Minutes

2023-24 College Council Members

Mr. Scott Turner, Council Chair

Senior Partner
Nixon Peabody, LLP

Ms. Lily Wegerski, Student Representative

Brockport Student Government

Ms. Andrea Guzzetta

Director of Human Resources
County of Monroe

Ms. Lauren Kelly

Director of Government Affairs
Charter Communications

Dr. Lesli Myers–Small


Mr. Kenneth Pink

The Bonadio Group

Mr. Chris Wiest

Independent Consultant
and Adjunct Faculty, SUNY Brockport




DR. Cathy Houston-Wilson

Brockport College Senate