SUNY Brockport’s five-year Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion outlines the University’s targeted goals for the next five years in regards to reducing barriers to access, inquiry, engagement, and completion for all students as well as increasing social equity for all members of the campus community. The plan aligns with the University’s core values: Community, Engagement, Excellence, and Transformation, which are part of the University’s Strategic Plan, “Building a Better Brockport.”

EDI Strategic Plan Goals

SUNY Brockport has long held a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Below are the goals of our current EDI Strategic Plan (2016-2021). Some progress has been made, but not as swiftly as any of us would like. The University remains committed to these goals and will enhance our efforts to achieve them.


Achieve a balance of representation in faculty and staff in line with student population, and national, state, and regional demographics; and maintain a commitment to retention and promotion of minority and underrepresented faculty and staff.


Achieve a balance of representation in student body population in line with state demographics; and maintain a commitment to retention, completion, and academic success of minority and underrepresented students.


Ensure that curriculum, programming, and/or trainings educate all incoming students, faculty, and staff and are available to current students, faculty, and staff in issues of social equity and the ability to speak to each other across differences as part of the University’s commitment to inclusive community, diverse engagement, academic excellence, and self-transformation.


Continue to build and maintain an inclusive and positive campus climate for every member in which to foster internal and external community building on the campus, local, regional, and international levels in which diversity is valued and inclusion and equity are shared.



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Read the full EDI Strategic Plan:

EDI Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (pdf)
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