Every report that is received through the Bias Incident Reporting System is taken seriously. The information below outlines the process through which each report is managed:

  1. Bias incident report is received via Maxient.
  2. The Bias Response Coordinating Team (BRCT) is notified that a report was submitted.
  3. The BRCT does an initial review of the case.
  4. The case is assigned to the appropriate area on campus.
  5. The case is added to the Bias Incident Report Dashboard.
  6. The appropriate area investigates the incident reported.
  7. The investigating area reports back to the BRCT on the status of the case.
  8. The case is recoded in the database and updated on the dashboard.

* The BRCT works within existing University policies and governing structures.
**Reports are assigned to the appropriate area based on the parties listed in the report.