Check the status of bias related incidents that have been reported through the Bias Related Incident Reporting System this semester.

Date Submitted Incident Date Incident Type Location Assigned To Status Other Information
2022-11-16 2022-11-14   Drake Library Parking Lot W University Police In Progress  
2022-11-11 2022-11-09   SERC   Resolved  
2022-11-08 2022-10-12 Ability Based On-Line Human Resources Resolved  
2022-11-08 2022-11-02 Verbal Gender Based Harassment On-Line Human Resources Resolved  
2022-11-08 2022-11-08 Verbal Harassment & Racially Based Residence Hall   In Progress  
2022-11-07 2022-11-07 Gender Expression Based Vandalism/Graffiti Residence Hall CDO In Progress  
2022-11-04 2022-11-04 Racially Based Graffiti Holmes Hall Student Affairs Resolved  
2022-10-31 2022-10-31 Ethnicity & Racially Based Residence Hall Student Affairs Resolved  
2022-10-22 2022-10-19 Ethnicity & Vandalism Residence Hall Student Affairs Resolved Message to the community was issued.
2022-10-18 2022-08-29 Disability Tuttle Human Resources & Academic Affairs In Progress None
2022-10-14 2022-10-14 Ethnicity Residence Hall Student Affairs In Progress None
2022-10-04 2022-09-24 Gender, Ethnicity, & Body Size Residence Hall Student Affairs Resolved None
2022-09-29 2022-09-26 Race & Age Brown Building Student Affairs In Progress None
2022-08-25 2022-08-24 Ethnicity & Gender Based Brown Building Human Resources & Academic Affairs Resolved None

Meaning of Terms in Status Column

  • In Progress — the investigation is ongoing.
  • Resolved — an outcome of the investigation was reached. An outcome may include disciplinary action, mediation, further education, etc.
  • Reclassified — the incident did not meet the threshold of a Bias Incident; however, it was referred to the appropriate college officials for action.
  • Insufficient Information — the report lacked the necessary details to proceed with an investigation. This includes reports, submitted anonymously.