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Non-Residential Buildings

Building Number of
All Gender Restrooms
Location Type
Albert W. Brown Building 2 1 per floor Single-user
Allen Administration Building 2 First floor Multi-stall
Brockway Dining Hall 1 First floor Single-user
Conrad Welcome Center 2 Lobby Single-user
Cooper Hall 2 Ground floor (near vending machines) Single-user
Dailey Hall 2 Near elevator Single-user
Drake Memorial Library 1 First floor (near Raj Madan Café) Family/Single
Edwards Hall 2 Ground floor (near elevator) Single-user
Harrison Dining Hall 2 First floor lobby & Trax Multi-stall
Hartwell Hall 2 Ground floor (near Department of Counselor Education) &
First floor (near Hartwell Dance Theater)
Hazen Center for Integrated Care 1 Off main lobby Single-user
Holmes Hall 2 Second floor (near Honors College) 1 Single-User
1 Mulit-stall
Lathrop Hall 8 Ground (UP), First floor & Second floor Single-user
Lennon Hall 2 Ground floor &
Second floor
Liberal Arts Building 1 Second floor Single-user
Rakov Center for Student Services 1 Ground floor Single-user
Special Events Recreation Center 1 Ground floor Family/Single
Seymour College Union 1 First floor (near ballroom) Family/Single
Smith Hall 2 Ground floor Multi-stall
Tower Fine Arts 2 Basement Single-user
Tuttle Annex 2 Second floor Single-user
Tuttle North 2

Upper level (near lecture hall) & Ice Rink


Residential Buildings

Building Number of
All Gender Restrooms
Location Type
Benedict Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
Bramley Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
Briggs Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
Dobson Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
Eagle Hall 5 Lobby & Classroom Single-user
Gordon Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
Harmon Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
McFarlane Hall 1 Lobby Single-user
McLean Hall 10 Lobby, First floor, Second floor, Third floor Single-user
MacVicar Hall 3 Lobby &
Mortimer Hall 2 Basement Multi-stall
Perry Hall 2 Lobby Single-user
Thompson Hall 4

Lobby &

Residential Life (main office)

Townhome Community Center 2 Community Center Single-user