Membership 2023-24


Kathleen Colantonio-Yurko, Chair
Associate Professor, Education and Human Development

Jennifer Ashton, Vice Chair
Associate Professor, Education and Human Development

Jessica Sniatecki, Secretary
Associate Professor & Chair, Healthcare Studies

Committee Members

  • Faculty Members representing: Biology; Education and Human Development; English; Healthcare Studies; Kinesiology, Sports Studies, & Physical Education; Nursing; Psychology; Recreation and Leisure Studies; Social Work
  • Members of Administration/Staff representing: Human Resources; Facilities; Library; Student Accessibility Services; Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Residential Life/Learning Communities; Hazen Counseling Center; Academic Systems & Instructional Support; Environmental Health and Safety; University Communications; Admissions
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Patrick Armstrong
Pamela Beach
Lawrence Brien
Teri Burke
Kelly Cary
Sue Clase
Robert Cushman
Tamala David
Marcie Desrochers
Sarah Demmin
Kim Haines
Megan Hale (student)
Nicole Hall
Meagan Irving (student)
Riley Johnson (student)
Elizabeth Gregory
Craig Lending
Lauren Lieberman
Karen Logsdon
Lauren Mazzeo
Stasia Molyneux
Milo Obourn
Carl O’Connor
Virginia Orzel
Ashleigh Petrucci
Kristen Proehl
Logan Rath
Janet Roy
Jeffrey Thompson
Pamela Viggiani
Carol Wade
Kenneth Wierzbowski
Jennifer Wood
Jill Young


The mission of the Committee on Accessibility (CoA) at SUNY Brockport is:

  1. to promote and advocate for accessibility for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors,
  2. to increase awareness related to the needs of individuals with disabilities on campus, and
  3. to develop coursework for students to study disability.

Origins of the Committee

  • 2014-15: Disability Studies Faculty Learning Community (FLC)
  • Proposal to the Provost in Spring 2015 to become a formal committee
  • Fall 2015: Established University-wide committee

Major Accomplishments

  • Awareness Events, Workshops, and Guest Speakers
  • Campus Accessibility Explorations
  • Stickers for Push Pad Doors
  • American Sign Language Classes
  • Grants
    • Investment Fund for the Future – Everyday Chairs for Campus Events
    • Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant – Sport Wheelchairs
  • Conference Presentations
  • Disability Studies Minor
    • Interdisciplinary
    • Housed in the Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • Consistent Collaboration with Facilities, Parking, etc. to address accessibility issues on campus


On Campus

Rochester Area

State and National