Diversity Statement & Definitions

SUNY Brockport is committed to creating and maintaining an equitable environment that welcomes, values, and supports individuals and communities who affirm human dignity. The University provides opportunities for engagement, learning, growth, and transformation to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive institution.



SUNY Brockport defines diversity as differences in lived experiences, perspectives, and social identities; these are intersectional and have been shaped by structures of power and privilege, and histories of exclusion and activism.


SUNY Brockport defines equity as equal opportunity and access to resources necessary for full participation and growth. Achieving equity requires recognizing inequalities and intentionally supporting marginalized groups by removing social and structural barriers.


SUNY Brockport defines inclusion as the practice of creating an environment that facilitates the full engagement of all. An inclusive environment allows for authentic participation and a true sense of belonging that fosters dialogue and connections among individuals and communities.


Endorsed by College Senate 4/22/19, Resolution 56_18-19 and 57_18-19