Parking spaces are available, surface and basement level, only to faculty and staff members with a valid SUNY Brockport permit. Each academic year, parking permits can be obtained at Parking and Transportation Services.

Technology Services

Technology services and support are available during hours of operation. You can reach the Brockport Downtown Technology Manager at (585)395-8000.

Classroom Assignments

Classroom assignments are posted throughout the first week of class. If you are unable to access your classroom, please inform the Brockport Downtown staff.

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your classroom, bring this to the attention of the Brockport Downtown staff.
  • Report any facility or equipment concerns, food spills, or damage immediately so we are able to address it.
  • You may arrange your class furniture as best suits your instructional needs. Please return your classroom to its original set up for the following class.

Library Services

The Librarian is located in Room 564 at Brockport Downtown. Walk-in hours will be from 2-7 pm Monday-Thursday. You can reach the Librarian at (585) 395-8476. Services include Inter Library Loan, Reference, Course Reserves, Tech Tools, and Instruction. For more information, please visit our guide.


ID Cards

SUNY Brockport issued ID cards are required each time you enter the facility and must be shown upon request by security or Brockport Downtown staff. You can now order your ID via the GET app and have it mailed to your address on file. More detailed ID information and instructions on how to order your ID online can be found here.

If you have any issues ordering your ID or didn’t receive the ID in the mail, you can request assistance online.

Mail Services

Faculty/Staff mail slots are located in Room 547. Interoffice mail and US Mail are processed daily. All outgoing mail to the main campus can be dropped off in the Outgoing Intercampus mail box in the REOC mailroom, by the Welcome Center. There is a 10lb. limit for outgoing mail to campus.

Brockport Downtown’s mailing address is 161 Chestnut St., Rochester, NY 14604.

Emergency Information

Remember that REOC and Brockport Downtown are SEPERATE operations. Please keep this in mind when you are looking for closings. If REOC is closed but SUNY Brockport is open, you still have class! Closings due to weather and other emergencies will be communicated on SUNY Brockport homepage.

We recommend that you email your students if you are cancelling class. Please also notify our office and your department. We will post changes and inform students who may show up for class accordingly.

In case of emergency, the fire alarm will sound. Please leave the building by the closest exit and do not use elevators. If you or a student is handicapped, please wait at the designated Area of Refuge. Dial 911 to report the emergency.

Making Copies

Faculty and staff can make copies in Room 548. Your PIN # must be used to do so. Please send large jobs (over 325 copies) to the University Print Shop.